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Should I Buy A Car In The Winter?

Many people believe that winter is not a good time to buy a car. That is a myth! There are so many reasons to purchase a car in the winter months! The slower season and introduction of new model years can definitely mean more promotions and better deals on both new and preowned cars.

Purchasing a car in the winter can have many benefits not available in other seasons.

When Is The Best Time to Buy?

When pondering this question, it is best to put your feet in seller shoes - or try to think like a seller. We all know that holiday sales and end-of-the-year sales can influence every industry. Cars are no different.

Also, typically when the temperature is bone chilling cold, people don't want to be out looking at cars. This means dealerships are quiet. Bad for them. Good for you. Salespeople are anxious to make a sale as is their manager holding the keys. Dealerships may be feeling the pressure to hit their quota and they might not want to risk you walking out their door during a snowstorm and have no clue when someone else may be walking through their doors.

Take A Snowy Test Drive

Want to know how your car is going to handle in the winter? This is your opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating that you test drive a car in a blizzard with white out conditions and 30 inches of snow. Test driving and buying your car during the winter months will allow you to know how it handles over the snow packed roads.

Considering A Sports Car or Convertible?

If you are considering purchasing a sports car or a convertible, winter is a great time to buy then! Chances are the dealer has had the car sitting on his lot since the fall and every month that goes by, it's one less parking space he can use to fill with something else that they can sell faster.

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