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Vehicle Service Contracts

    For most consumers, a vehicle purchase is a major investment. Like it or not, you have a lot riding on the value of your car or truck – and that means the decision to purchase a vehicle service contract isn’t something you can afford to take lightly.

    A vehicle service contract is almost always a smart choice for consumers interested in protecting themselves from the high costs of unexpected vehicle repairs. In this section, we describe the benefits you can expect to receive from a vehicle service contract and how to maximize the return on your investment in your auto.

           Benefits of VSC's

  • Your Car is Protected 

  • Reliability on a Budget   

  • Your Vehicle May Perform Longer  

  • Your Unexpected Ownership Costs May Be Reduced  

  • Your Payments are Hassle-Free  

We are proud to be able affordable service contracts for most makes and models of vehicles.  Coverages can range from powertrain to a comprehensive coverage covering all your electronics.  Contact us to request more information!

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GAP Protection

GAP coverage is recommended for anyone in one or more of these situations:

  • If you make a down payment less than 30 percent.

  • If you finance a car loan beyond 36 months.

  • If you include negative equity from a past car loan into the new loan.

  • If you buy a vehicle that depreciates quickly, such as budget-friendly compact cars for less than $15,000 and vehicles by automakers experiencing financial problems. These vehicles depreciate quickly because they are more difficult to re-sell.

We are a proud partner with Allstate Insurance and offer all our customers that qualify the ability to add this insurance to their purchase.